12654409_10100351557124033_7706013515689548392_nEven as a kid, I realized I had an insatiable appetite for fashion, magazines, entertainment and storytelling. Growing up in a small town with only one caution light, I had to make up my own form of amusement. If I wanted any significant cultural experience, my escape was in the pages of magazines. But my small-town upbringing never kept me from thinking I would one day join those talented writers and editors whose work I grew up reading in those glossy pages.

With a bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University in fashion design & merchandising and a master’s in journalism from The University of Alabama, I hope to merge the two one day for a publication I admire. It’s my dream to start out as an editorial assistant or assistant editor. Later, I hope to work my way up to managing editor. I’m open to growing at any publication as long as it allows me to do what I love on a creative level, but my interests include regional and lifestyle magazines, fashion, travel, food, culture and entertainment.

Most of my professional experience has been rooted in regional magazines. I currently work as an editorial assistant for the digital team at Cooking Light magazine. I also created my own website and multimedia project during my matriculation at The University of Alabama. For more of my experience and writing samples, please view my resume and clips.

When I’m not shopping or poring over the pages of magazines, I’m usually watching my favorite TV series and movies, listening to music (Beyonce and hip-hop are my fave!), reading a book or trying to find inspiration on Instagram and in the things and people around me.

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